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                                  Winter Show Postponed Until Spring




Due to continuing increase in COVID 19 transmission levels, the January 2022 Papermania Plus show in Hartford is postponed until Spring 2022. 

We are working with the XL Center to secure dates for what will be a 1-day Spring Event! Time and date information will be announced next month.

Vendors will be contacted regarding the change.

We at Papermania Plus wish you and yours a Safe and Joyous Holiday Season! 
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PAPERMANIA PLUS, antique ephemera and collectibles show at Hartford's XL Center by Mary Ann Bezdelovs, floor manager and Show Co-Producers Gary Gipstein and Arlene Shea. Memorabilia and nostalgic and collectible itemsare featured by quality exhibitors from across the country and Canada.

Papermania Plus Co-Producers Gary Gipstein and Arlene Shea are celebratingthe 45th anniversary of the antique show promotion this year. This show, which features a huge variety of paper and other collectibles for sale from vintage movie posters to rare stamps, antique maps as well asadvertising items, will be held at the following XL Center in Downtown Hartford, CT.


Papermania Plus Show

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Some of Our Exhibitors

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Memorabilia & Keepsakes

Maybe you're looking for items from your favorite sports team, band, or movie star. Papermania Plus has memorabilia galore! Walk through our expo area and we're certain you'll find a cherished piece of your favorite's history. 

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Pop Culture & Comics

 The term "Pop Culture" covers a lot of ground. Generally, it means whatever was deemed popular during a given time period, though most people use the term with identifying nostalgia from the 20th century, from the 1950s through the 1980s.

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Posters & Postcards

The simple postcard is elevated to high art at Papermania Plus! Tens of thousands of cards are on display, with some vendors specializing in historic photos, all cataloged by city and state. You can spend your entire time at Papermania Plus and do nothing but sort through postcards!

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Books & Ephemera

We have one of the largest selection of books of any show in the Northeast. Dime detective novels to 17th-century rarities, bibliophiles will have a great time talking with our rare book dealers at Papermania Plus

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